We work with Clients to provide a design and consulting services for sustainable projects in todays global community.  By understanding your needs and long term planning goals, we can supply the necessary team to implement your vision through design, economics, civic involvement, community and sustainability.

Project Visioning

  • Assist with project scope and definition
  • Articulate client objectives
  • Balance Client and Community vision


  • Realize need to integrate new technology
  • Quantify client benefits
  • Integrate client objectives with sustainable practice


  • Define design strategies and objectives
  • Integrate local and national planning talent
  • Orchestrate team of professionals


  • Create project proformas
  • Manage budgets
  • Initiate financing and funding stratigies

Civic and Community Involvement

  • Maintain active memberships in professional and civic organizations
  • Participate nationally on advisory panels
  • ¬†Contribute to local and regional planning efforts
  • Have working knowledge of regional goals and objectives

Design and Consulting