Awbrey Park


Located in the Loudoun County Seat, this 11-acre new urban infill master plan will set the standard for traditional infill development in the Town of Leesburg, Virginia. The design vision was to convert this industrial area into a vibrant new Traditional Neighborhood Development, the proposed mixed-use community will include 350 multi-family dwellings, 47 stacked townhomes and over 100,000 sf of new retail/ commercial space. A traditional town green is employed as a primary organizational device linking existing adjacent regional and local park amenities through the new community. Wide, treelined sidewalks with on-street parking emphasize the focus on a pedestrian quality of life. By incorporating the entire development into the downtown Historic District, the architecture of Awbrey Park will evoke the scale and detail of historic Leesburg while creating a distinct identity and a sense of place.

Ms. Brandrup was part of the design team working as Senior Project Architect for this exciting project while at Cunningham Quill Architects in Washington DC.

Design and Consulting